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The meaning of the girl name Darina is FEMININE OF DARIUS

Details on DARINA:

Gender: Girl
Meaning(s): A persian royal name
Popularity for Girl: 7,987th in the USA (top 25%)
Origin(s) for DARINA:  Czechoslovakian
Themes(s) and list(s) DARINA is on:  Social SecuritySsaCzechoslovakian
Latest USA SSA birth information:
The latest number of USA births for Darina as a GIRL was in 2017 with 31 births

The meaning(s) of DARINA:

The name Darina is a Czechoslovakian baby name. In Czechoslovakian the meaning of the name Darina is: Feminine of Darius; a Persian royal name.
Czechoslovakian meaning

USA birth(s) for DARINA by year:

Here is the latest 16 years from USA social security list of total babies born with the name DARINA

YearGirl Births
201731 births
201626 births
201530 births
201429 births
201340 births
201251 births
201152 births
201023 births
200923 births
200813 births
200713 births
200625 births
20058 births
200424 births
200319 births
200210 births
200110 births
20009 births
199915 births
19985 births
19969 births
19937 births
19926 births
19916 births
19885 births
19876 births
19866 births
19858 births
19847 births
19815 births
19785 births
197010 births

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