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The meaning of the unisex name Mar is LORD .

Details on MAR:

Gender: Unisex
Meaning(s): Lord
Popularity for Girl: 21,251st in the USA (bottom 15%)
Popularity for Boy: 30,520th in the USA (bottom 40%)
Origin(s) for MAR:  Latin , Norse , Aramaic
Themes(s) and list(s) MAR is on:  Social SecuritySsaVikingNordicLatinNorseAramaic
Latest USA SSA birth information:
The latest number of USA births for Mar as a GIRL was in 2017 with 8 births
The latest number of USA births for Mar as a BOY was in 2009 with 5 births

The meaning(s) of MAR:

The name Mar is an Aramaic baby name. In Aramaic the meaning of the name Mar is: Lord.
Aramaic meaning
The name Mar is a Norse baby name. In Norse the meaning of the name Mar is: Son of Naddodd.
Norse meaning

USA SSA birth(s) for MAR:

Here is the latest 16 years from USA social security list of total babies born with the name MAR

 MAR as a girl

YearGirl Births
20178 births
201613 births
201512 births
20149 births
20139 births
20128 births
20115 births
20106 births
200910 births
20087 births
200716 births
200611 births
20057 births
200412 births
200313 births
200211 births

 MAR as a boy

YearBoy Births
20095 births
20067 births
20025 births
19987 births
19957 births
19875 births
19866 births
19857 births
19828 births
19816 births
19807 births
19797 births
19785 births
19776 births
19769 births
19758 births

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